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50th Anniversary in The Keys

Updated: Jun 28

Recently, we had the joy of celebrating my parents' 50th Anniversary at the stunning Playa Largo Resort & Spa in Key Largo. This resort turned out to be the perfect retreat for our family, offering the ideal balance of seclusion and accessibility. Just a two-hour drive from the Miami airport, Playa Largo felt like a secluded tropical paradise, making it the perfect destination for a memorable family celebration.

Playa Largo Resort & Spa is ideally located, providing a feeling of remote serenity without the hassle of long-distance travel. The resort itself is the perfect size—not too large, so it feels intimate and exclusive, but with enough amenities to keep everyone entertained.

One of the highlights of our stay was the variety of food options available at the resort. Breakfast each morning was a generous feast, enough to keep us satisfied well into the afternoon. Every meal was a delightful experience, with something for everyone.

The resort also features an on-site watersports team that made our stay even more enjoyable. We took advantage of paddle board rentals and went on an incredible private catamaran cruise and snorkeling adventure. The crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life made for unforgettable memories.

While we enjoyed all the meals at the resort, dining out each night added to our experience. The standout dining experience was at Pierre's Restaurant. This gem offered breathtaking sunset views, with plenty of seating to take it all in, along with a quiet bar area perfect for a pre-dinner drink. The food was absolutely delicious, making it a night to remember.

If you're looking for a quick Caribbean getaway that feels far removed from the everyday hustle and bustle, without the need for flights or international travel, Playa Largo Resort & Spa is the perfect spot. It provided the ideal backdrop for a special family celebration and would be perfect for any occasion where relaxation and quality time are paramount.

In conclusion, our stay at Playa Largo Resort & Spa was everything we hoped for and more. From the fantastic location and delicious food to the exciting watersports and unforgettable dining experiences, it was the perfect place to celebrate my parents' 50th Anniversary. If you're in need of a tropical retreat that feels like a world away but is conveniently close to home, look no further than Playa Largo.



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